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Published: 04th October 2012
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Those wanting to experience the Grand Canyon from a different angle, might want to look into the float tours that can be found here. What you need to understand is that your trip down the Colorado River doesn't have to be filled with dangers. What you might not realize is that the calmest waters in the area, actually offer some of the best sights in this National Park.

You are going to find that there are some great 1-day Grand Canyon rafting tours that will opt for smooth waters over white water. While your adrenaline will pulse when you are going through the rapids, you will find that the breathtaking scenery of the canyon can be focused on in calm waters. Plus, Grand Canyon float tours on smooth water are perfect for families. They're more comfortable for older people, and kids can participate as long as they're at least four years old.

Something to keep in mind is that your experience will depend on the part of the river you are rafting. One-day South Rim Grand Canyon float tours begin at the foot of Glen Canyon Dam (just northeast of the National Park, near Page, Arizona) and finish at Lee's Ferry. This will be a peaceful journey that ends on a lovely beach, after your three hour journey is done. While you are experiencing the scenery, you will have a chance to see the canyon walls and see some ancient Indian symbols inscribed on it firsthand.

Right now, there are two types of calm water rafting trips you can choose from at the South Rim. For this, the first choice you have is from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport that brings you to Page on a bus. Your other tour option begins on a plane. After riding in a 4x4 Jeep through Antelope Canyon, the rafting portion of the tour begins. While this is a more comprehensive choice, you will need to note it will be a bit more than the first tour type.

Visitors in Las Vegas will also have a chance to explore float tours on the river. A helicopter flight from Vegas lands on the canyon floor at the West Rim. If you take this tour, you'll have half an hour to look around the canyon floor before flying to the top and boarding a bus bound for Hoover Dam. The boat dock used is located at the base of this dam. As soon as you get on your raft, you will float to Willow Beach, AZ on this river.

The type of craft used will vary by tour operator. Most operators use motorized rubber pontoon rafts that can accommodate 19 people comfortably. In some cases, however, you'll be able to row your raft down the river, accompanied by a professional guide. If you take a physical adventure, you are going to need to be in great health. With these unique physical tours, you will need to note that only those who are at least 16 will be allowed on the raft.

Typically; these tours are going to be experienced between June and August. If your schedule is flexible and you'd like to avoid the peak season, consider booking a smooth-water raft tour during September or between May and early June.

On your journey, make sure you are drinking lots of water and have on sunscreen. Before you book a canyon float trip, make sure you can handle the physical demands. What you will want to keep in mind is that motorized boats require almost no physical exertion and they allow you to experience the beauty of the area.

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