Choosing the Ultimate Grand Canyon Bus Tours

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Published: 01st November 2012
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By looking at travel brochures for the Las Vegas area, you'll discover there are some pretty fun Grand Canyon bus excursions you can take. Most of the bus tours offer complete packages that provide all your needs during the trip. Be leery of buying a tour that only provides you with a bus seat.

You'll need to know what's included in a standard tour in order to be able to tell the difference between a good tour and a bad one. For starters, you want to make sure all your transportation needs will be taken care of from start to finish. Choosing a luxury bus is also a good idea because you want to enjoy the scenery in comfort and style. Be sure to find out about pullouts or comfort breaks on the itinerary. You'll also want a tour that gives you ample time to take in the scenery once you are at the canyon. Food such as snacks or meals should be available too.

Although some companies are vague when it comes to their round trip tour packages, a good company will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel's front door. Transportation to and from your hotel is an important detail that shouldn't be overlooked. Imagine how awful it would be to get stranded without a ride back to your hotel!

You will want to think about the bus you will be riding on as well. The best tour operators make sure all their buses are new and have luxury features. Less dependable companies use a mixture of new and old motor coaches, while others just use older buses. Considering you will travel along ten miles of dirt road before you get to the West Rim, you definitely want a quality bus to get you there. And, the average West Rim round-trip drive time is about 5 hours; it's about 11 hours to and from the South Rim. You will get awfully tired of sitting if your bus is not designed for comfort.

Whether you are going to the West Rim or the South Rim, all Grand Canyon coach trips pass by Hoover Dam. Many of the motor coaches will stop at the dam so you can get a good view of it and snap some pictures. Other buses may only drive over the new bridge and not stop at all. Be sure to book a tour that lets you stop; it is definitely worth it.

If you don't check the itinerary closely, you may end up on a bus that doesn't stop at the dam. That would be a shame, because your only glimpse of this man-made wonder would be through the window of your bus. So, make sure your tour actually stops at the dam. In addition, you want to make sure there are some comfort stops if you take a trip to the South Rim since it is a five hour ride.

Typically, buses will stay at the rim for about 2 to 3 hours, so don't book a tour that gives you less time than that. You will definitely want to stay as long as possible, so the longer your stay over is, the better your trip will be. Some of the notable sights you want to see on the South Rim include Mather Point, Grand Canyon Village, and Yavapai Point. If you go to the West Rim, be sure to visit Eagle Point, Guano Point, and take a walk on the thrilling Grand Canyon Skywalk that is made of glass.

Remember to pick a tour package that offers meals. Some companies leave meals out so they can lower the price of their tours. Also be aware that not every bus tour will include the price of admission to the park. It isn't very pleasant to shell out more money once you get to your destination just to get in, so make sure the cost is included in your tour. It is best to research the available tours online so you can compare options. That will help you find the best tours for your money, and it will help you save on the cost too, thanks to online discounts that may apply.

First, take a peek at these comparisons of Grand Canyon bus tours. Then go here to purchase coach excursions at economical prices:

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