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Published: 08th November 2012
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Hauppauge, New York- July 20, 2012- Outdoor Lightning Design, premier resource for outdoor lightning and services goes GREEN by offering low voltage lightning in Long Island, Suffolk, and Nassau counties.

Since 1992, Outdoor Lightning Design has been the choice of many clients looking for residential lighting install and residential lighting repair services in Long Island, Suffolk, and Nassau counties. Company owner, Thomas P. Kugler, explains how they provide low voltage lighting install accompanied with information regarding the risk of using such.

According to Thomas P. Kugler,

The Pros and Cons of high voltage landscape lighting are stated below.

The only real benefits of high voltage is that there is no need for a transformer and no concern or issue related to voltage drop, which can occur in some landscape systems with long wire runs. There are no other true benefits that low voltage does not offer. However, there are many disadvantages:

1. High voltage wire must be buried a certain depth underground or be run through a protective conduit, which makes installation more labor intensive and also makes it tough to move and can be very disruptive to your landscape.

2. All fixtures, wire connections and other components of the system must be completely water proof because of the risk of electric shock.

3. High voltage lamps allow for very limited beam control options. Low voltage alternatives allow for more beam control and helps control glare. Basically, all that is available for high voltage landscape lighting is a flood light.

4. High voltage lamps are large and therefore must be housed in large fixtures. This limits the styles of fixtures that are available.

5. High voltage lighting is dangerous to work with and may require permits to install.

(For more information about Low and High Voltage Lightning visit the site at www.accent-lighting.net)

“By installing a low voltage system from Outdoor Lighting & Design, you are not only helping yourself save money but you are helping to save the environment too.” says Thomas.

This system used by Outdoor Lightning Design uses less 25% of power consumption, which is used in normal outdoor landscape lighting (line voltage), so you can keep your yard or business safe, bright, and beautiful while helping to save the earth at the same time. The company also takes great pride in their lighting services that helps and contributes to a GREENER planet.

More about Outdoor Lightning Design: Outdoor Lightning Design specializes in design, installation and repair on all lighting systems. The company offers both residential and commercial low voltage landscape lightning and only offers best in outdoor lightning, design fixtures, products and installation and repair services. Let Outdoor and Lightning Design help you draw attention and add security to your architectural garden, pool, patio and beyond.


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